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value by:

1. Delivering a consistent experience in cobranded and multilingual environments.
2. Increasing market share by motivating and monitoring clusters of hundreds of indepentent partners.
3. Optimizing cross sell opportunities with thousands of articles in dozens of series, personalised pricing and campaigns.
4. Automatic follow-up & lead routing before, during and after big campaigns and events.

Let's partner up!

As a Partner you have acces to tools which can help you expand your productrange and bring in new projects. You will also receive part of the license revenues from the customers you have connected to the MarketingXpress platform.

Printmedia partner

The Printmedia Partnership is for Printing offices who want to offer even more value to their customers by giving them acces to their own Printmedia Portal, full with personalised marketing and sales assets/templates. In this intuitieve environment your customers can personalize assets and directly order them. The proces, of administration to printfile, will be completely adjusted to your workmethod so you can entirely focus on serving the customer. You can also offer customers the possibility to perform online marketing, via landing pages or emailing. And all this within one environment.
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Sales Consultancy Partner

As Sales Consultancy Partner you'll get acces to the Partner Pulse Portal. All tools within this portal serve one main goal: improving your partner performance. Within the Partner Pulse environment you can serve your customers with enhancing their results. You can do this with the automated pipeline, scorecards and personalised marketing- and salesassets.

Upgrade customers to their own Partner Pulse environment, and get acces to even more sales- and marketingsolutions, like lead to deal routing, onboarding and landing pages.
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Let us convince you during a personal demo, or request the partner opportunity brochure