2 May 2014 Nicky Groen

Hypotheekshop switches to a new environment

With the take-over by Welke beheer of De Hypotheekshop BV, they added another strong brand to their range of services. De Hypotheekshop is a franchise organisation with 180 offices, and with that one of the largest mortgage advice chains in the Netherlands.

During the integration process it became clear that the current Digital Asset Management (DAM) system of De Hypotheekshop had to be replaced. After many years of association and experience with MarketingXpress, it was an easy choice for Welke Beheer: the MarketingXpress tools.

The difficulty the Central Organisation encountered, was the amount of simultaneous projects in a short period of time. From a new CRM system to the development and introduction of a new corporate identity, everything had to be organised simultaneously and in a short period of time. There was no internal capacity at Welke Beheer to switch over from the old DAM system to the system based on the tools of MarketingXpress.

The full implementation of the MarketingXpress tools has been carried out by the employees of MarketingXpress. This way the employees of De Hypotheekshop could focus all their attention on the various projects during the integration process.

With the successful introduction, a foundation was laid for the years to come, not only to support the local offices, but also to start a dialogue with the clients of De Hypotheekshop.

Advantages for De Hypotheekshop:

– All documents in the familiar corporate identity are available without any additional pressure on the organisation
– Campaigns immediately available in the new corporate identity
– Cost reduction on advertisements in variable sizes
– Benefit from production at Reclameland

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