The ‘Managing Opportunities’ workshop is a two plus one day intensive workshop with plenty of hands-on, interactive and practical elements to ensure that you leave with an excellent knowledge on seeing, selecting and managing on your business opportunities and knowing what future steps to take in order to build on your innovation index. But how would the ‘Managing Opportunities’ workshop be? Paula Scully tells us more during an interview about her experiences on the ‘Managing Opportunities’ workshop by Mike Englander together with her team.

For starters, can you tell me some more about Hologic?
‘’Hologic (link) is a woman’s healthcare company that is divided into three pillars. We have an imaging, surgical and diagnostic arm. I work for the imaging solutions, which is breast health and skeletal solutions. Basically what we’re aiming to do is to enhance the early detection of breast cancer, improve the diagnostic accuracy and deliver compassionate technologies whilst continually driving the development of our clinical solutions for patients.’’

What were your expectations before attending the ‘Managing Opportunities’ workshop?
‘’The team went in with preconceived ideas about what we thought Managing Opportunities was. I believe expectations were set because of previous professional sales courses. I think people thought, it’s just another sales course…‘’

How did you and your team experience the ‘Managing Opportunities’ workshop?
‘’It was really refreshing because of the different approach. I was very surprised how engaged I was and how dynamic and proactive it felt. It gave me a different set of tools with which to approach of my role. My team felt the same way as well. The presenter, Mike Englander, absolutely engaged with us and encouraged us to have open and frank discussions about the ways in which we conduct business currently and how we can look at things from a different angle. We came out with a very different mindset about how we can investigate sales leads and how we can build on the opportunities that are presented to us.”

Why was Managing Opportunities a perfect fit for Hologic?
‘’Hologic has been in period of change during the last 18 months. The old world has disappeared and transitioned into a new world with a new business model. The new world is a very pro-active, dynamic and growth focused business. The company has a vision on developing people and products. I think this workshops helped us and brought us to a different operating level.’’

What did you think you got from it?
‘’As a salesperson you would hope that you are always thinking about the next opportunity. But I think that you fall into a comfort zone where you go to a particular person or you engage with a particular set of people to get the information, but you have to stop working within your own comfortable world and explore the different opportunities out there. An important thing I got from it is to set up inspirational networks. If you look at a wider scale, you get more information back to keep your sales pipeline flowing. Mike showed us how to manage our opportunities instead of managing numbers.’’

To what type of organization would you recommend the ‘Managing Opportunities’ workshop?
‘’The ‘Managing Opportunities’ Workshop is great for start-ups where people are working on understanding their business model and it’s progression, It is also helpful for existing business as you tend to get stuck in your day-to-day activities. You can’t just sit there year after year and expect to just keep doing the same thing. You got to move and embrace change. As a company we want to grow and flourish and keep our market leader position in the breast industry.’’

To what extent did you implement change within Hologic?
‘’We absolutely work in a more collaborative manner together and we have more focus on our vision. We’re now explore the different ways to tackle problems. We’re not just going through the same old motions. We share our ideas and look at things from a different perspective. We now look at the bold steps we need to take to make changes in the business. We give things a more competitive edge. There have already been lots of thoughts on how to take our business forward. With the fundamentals of Managing Opportunities in our minds, we now integrate this into our day-to-day routines. We are going to use the Managing Opportunities App to integrate this process even further.”

And how do you feel about this change?
‘’It has given me real energy and positivity to try things. To be brave and attempt things in a different way.‘’

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