Feb 2021

MarketingXpress becomes PartnerPulse

MarketingXpress (NL) and Gorilla ICT (US) expand their collaboration and launch a unique service-driven Partner Relationship Platform GetPartnerPulse.com

Rotterdam, February 15, 2021 -MarketingXpress (Rotterdam, NL), developer of thePartner Relationship Management platform "MarketingXpress", and Gorilla ICT (San Francisco, USA), an authority in ICT Channel development, entered into a partnership in early 2019 to bring together their knowledge and technology to enable a global rollout of their combined services.

After the first successful pilot with global accounting software provider Sage, MarketingXpress and Gorilla started a second development period, of more than a year, to further fine-tune and test the proposition and technology at several high-profile names such as Extreme Networks, CloudHealth by VMware and recently a full rollout of the product at Gamma Telecom. Where MarketingXpress provides the software to streamline the organization between brand owners and partners, Gorilla has the knowledge, experience and the execution power to make these organizations perform better, no matter where they are located.

With focus on the success of the partner, MarketingXpress and Gorilla are now introducing their completely new proposition: GetPartnerPulse.com - from strategy, execution and automation to actively contributing to increasing local results, including online guidance in all time zones and do-it-yourself fast tracks in all major languages.

"Due to our relatively small home market in The Netherlands, our team has had the focus on setting up an internationally oriented platform that improves the results of partner organizations on a daily basis, right from our beginning." says Maarten Elsenaar, Managing Director of MarketingXpress. "Thanks to the collaboration with the team at Gorilla, we have now been able to test and expand our platform in many new ways and markets, and we have experienced how we can make a difference in this fast growing market."

By combining our two worlds, we can make unique insights available on our new dynamic Partner Scorecard, which allows you to set up an individual approach per Partner Segment and even for individual Partners. A number of powerful AI tools will also be introduced soon, with which the platform can actively help find, onboard and ramp up both new and existing partners.

About MarketingXpress
MarketingXpress helps partner organizations to streamline the marketing and sales organization. They do this with their inhouse developed software platform which is fully geared to the needs of a partner organization. Several Western European organizations have already used the MarketingXpress PRM platform, including RegioBank, ARAG, Sandd, Audi, Volkswagen and Nh1816.

About Gorilla ICT
Gorilla ICT has more than twenty years of experience in increasing the results of sales partners within the ICT Channel market. With their globally operating consultants and highly effective approach, they have completed more than 6,000 successful projects for over 800 organizations in recent years, including for HP, VMWare, IBM and CISCO.

For more information, please contact: Maarten Elsenaar, Managing Director, via
+31 (0) 10-3110113 or via iwantto@getpartnerpulse.com