Nov 2014

The Little Gym: consistent brand experience in 11 countries and 8 languages

With over 300 locations world wide, The Little Gym is the leading centre for development of psychomotor skills for kids from 4 months to 12 years old. The lessons are build up to make sure that every week the children are able to try out new things and gain confidence step for step. And they do all of this with the biggest smile on their faces.

Brand management in an international environment
The Little Gym was dealing with difficulties that are recognizable for a lot of international organizations. The Little gym has 22 units, in 11 different countries, who communicate in 8 different languages. In such a situation the branding and marketing communication can be a tough task. The following question arose: how can we create a consistent corporate identity throughout the whole company while at the same time taking the different cultures and needs of the market in account. 

Local marketing, with maximum control
MarketingXpress developed a system in which all of the 300 locations of The Little Gym are able to develop different communication layouts while the corporate identity of The Little Gym is monitored. The platform is build up from static elements and options that can be manually adjusted, like addresses, the timetable of the lessons per location and other efficient options. The benefit of our platform is that The Little Gym has complete control over the end product, this way they don’t have to generate customized work per country anymore. 

‘A consistent brand experience in 11 countries and 8 different languages,’ thus Annette Eckhardt, CEO The Little Gym.

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