Apr 2018

VMZINC connects supply and demand

Besides a brand for zinc products, VMZINC acts like the connecting factor between supply and demand for installers and customers with their partner network ‘VMZINC at WORK’. Besides their current initiatives, they wanted to take a step further: smart automation to follow up all customers with zinc projects, from small to large, efficiently and effectively.

1. Salesapp: Register a zinc project

Using the multilingual MarketingXpress Sales App, architects, building promotors, contractors and private individuals can register their zinc project. The project gets saved in the database and is visible in the MarketingXpress portal of VMZINC. The contact will also be saved in the contact management system of the portal, for future campaigns.

2. Landing page: Relevant project information

With the registration information, we have a clear view of the project. With this information we can compose a personalised landing page with relevant information for the individual building project. The views and clicks on this personal page can be found on the MarketingXpress portal.

3. Workflow: Inform installers

Now that the project has been registered, it is time to connect supply and demand. The connected installers of VMZINC at Work get automatically informed about new projects, partly based on their matching postal code. The installer can declare whether they are interested in the project or not. If so, they get another email with the project information in PDF. The total workflow includes 10 emails, in two languages, based on postal code, and acts on various moment within a timeframe of two weeks.

4. Sales Pipeline: Smart automation to follow up

As soon as an installer is interested in a project, the project in the VMZINC MarketingXpress portal gets updated. This way VMZINC sales managers can actively monitor the status of the zinc projects, letting no deal slip through the cracks.

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